April Brand Un-Fool

April Brand Un-Fool

Friday, April 07, 2017


Holley Richardson


  1. Why Strategy Counts!
    06 Mar, 2017
    Why Strategy Counts!
    Deciding where you’re going is a big part of your business or organization’s plan to succeed. To illustrate this point, just think without a firm destination, the budget, travel arrangements, accommodations, activities cannot be developed. Every successful effort require strategy … websites, advertisements, billboards, Google ads, promo mail. These marketing tactics mandate an overall strategy or destination plan. Here are five reasons why strategy is CRITICAL : It creates a sense of direction
  2. Everyone Can Use More Lift!
    01 Feb, 2017
    Everyone Can Use More Lift!
    Did you know that hot-air balloons were originally propelled, not by heating the air, but by releasing helium or hydrogen? The gases, being less dense than air, generated the lift to carry the balloons skyward. Corporations, organizations and sole proprietors alike need others with a fresh approach, energized strategies and passionately propelled implementation to breathe new life to your business endeavors. RichLine Solutions is here for you and we have the hot balloon strategy you need to
  3. 2017 – The Year of Triumph and Expectation
    09 Jan, 2017
    2017 – The Year of Triumph and Expectation
    RichLine Solutions trusts that this 2017 year will find you triumphant to every exploit and with a set expectancy to win and dominate in every arena both professionally and personally. A joyful New Year to all! RichLine Solutions is here to bring the next-level of success within reach. Allow us the opportunity to develop a business. Connect with us today at info.richlinesolutions@gmail.com, and let us guide your client base to complimenting the unique products and services you offer.
  4. 5 Keys to a Flourishing Brand
    15 Dec, 2016
    5 Keys to a Flourishing Brand
    When it comes to branding, there’s no easy recipe for success. A key ingredient Nike used in their winning brand is consistent communication. So, while there isn’t a single recipe for brand success, communication is what will help you create and sustain your organization’s image. I’d like to share five tips to get you jumpstarted: 1. Discern Your Story. Find your story, tell it repeatedly, in a voice unique to you through different mediums. 2. Discover Your Customer’s Scoop. Find out what they
  5. Four Common Content Mistakes
    15 Nov, 2016
    Four Common Content Mistakes
    By now, most of us know what content marketing is and why it’s important. However, content marketing is more than just creating great articles, videos and downloads. The biggest mistake you can make is creating content without a strategy, which includes content planning, content distribution, lead generation and follow up. Here are four common mistakes organizations make and how to fix them: Mistake #1: Not using an editorial calendar. As is the case with any marketing tactic, drip marketing
  6. Say It Like You Mean It! Part 1
    14 Oct, 2016
    Say It Like You Mean It! Part 1
    There are things every CEO or organizational lead wants to hear. There is a method - not by discouraging reviews or silencing criticism. As the person in front, you must decide what you want clients to say, then provide the excellent product or service that inspires the praises you desire. To that end, identifying your six “what we want them to say” statements. This will vary based on the type of business you own or lead. Here’s a sampling of the first 3 compliments you might want customers
  7. The Benefits of Risk-Taking
    15 Sep, 2016
    The Benefits of Risk-Taking
    Most small businesses or organizations are plagued with an overly cautious, risk adverse aura and desire a secure and safe outcome, all the time? Successful brands will not be found sanitizing their existence through political correctness and warning labels, in fact a check of their culture will reveal a learned behavior and take to embrace and take risks often. There are other benefits to taking risks. Develops self-confidence and resilience Taking a risk does not automatically ensure success.
  8. Successful Brands Take Risks
    01 Sep, 2016
    Successful Brands Take Risks
    Anticipating the future and taking strategic risks to thrive is something in today’s economy every business leader must seriously consider. In a culture that offers limited jobs, but “unlimited opportunities, calculated risk-taking is a viable option.” The important questions that must be asked are how many streams of income do you have? How many new ventures are you pursuing or investing in? What are you doing differently today than you did last month? How are you building your fortune and
  9. Next Level Leadership: Part 2
    15 Aug, 2016
    Next Level Leadership: Part 2
    Your success should always evidence that you are seeking and strategizing your subsequent move to the next level of your contribution. No one has arrived and your leadership should always be inviting others to come and join in. Here are a few questions to help you prepare for your next level leadership move.  Does your leadership journey clearly reveal you leading yourselves first? Your live must reflect to others that you are committed to take care of your own life and work well.